What's The Big Deal About One24

The big buzz lately is about a new business opportunity called One24. Obviously, if you found this website, you probably have already heard of this opportunity and watched the videos. I can just see the wheels turning inside your head saying, “Isn’t this another one of those network marketing things?” Well, that’s what I thought too! But here’s the deal… it’s nothing like all the others.

Why One24 Caught My Eye

When a friend first told me about One24, I thought,”Oh, no! Not another MLM thing!”

But this One24 thing came along and smacked me in the face with:

  • No stupid rules
  • No restrictions on the internet
  • Every new person goes under you no matter who sponsors them

I also didn’t hear anything about these network marketing pet peeves I have like:

  • Meetings where we “show the plan” every time
  • Regional or National Conventions
  • Uncomfortable dress code


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 What’s Wrong With Multi-level Marketing Programs

Now look, I really don’t have a problem with multi-level marketing… I just don’t like the fact that they have all these rules that stifle you, so you’re not successful… especially internet rules. Then there’s all these Rah-Rah meetings that come with network marketing. I absolutely hate having to go to meetings and see someone draw some circles for the 50 millionth time. Does that ring a bell?

I don’t mean to step on any toes, but I’ve already done several multi-level gigs and I’m done with them. No longer am I hauling my butt to meetings and being put on guilt trips for not wanting to spend a fortune and drive across the US to attend some silly national convention. Personally, I don’t like Rah-Rah conventions, but some people love them.

Why I Got Set On Fire About One24

The main reason I got so excited over One24 is the internet possibilities. With most other networking things, your friends and family start to avoid you like the plague. They think you are going to force them to join. (Besides that, friends and family are the first to tear down your dreams and lead you to believe you can’t do it. Most people quit network marketing because of friends and family convincing them it won’t work.) The internet changes everything. The internet makes it easy for you to not have to try to strong-arm friends and relatives to get involved. 

One24 and the internet removes all that dream-crusher garbage you have to deal with when approaching family members directly and allows you to concentrate on being successful. I can assure you some of your family and friends will say One24 is a scam without even knowing anything about it. You can simply send them (and everyone else) to your website and let them check out the information for themselves – that’s it. Believe me, it feels really good to be successful in One24 and gently remind the dream-smashers how, if you had listened to them, you wouldn’t be where you are now.

The other thing that is setting me on fire is that I can generate a huge waiting list ensuring I can build this thing in the shortest amount of time possible. Wouldn’t it be cool to be maxed out on this thing in 2 years and have a ton of money rolling in every month?

Why You Want To Be In Our One24 Group?


If you are really serious about doing this thing and don’t want to wait forever, we can help. The people in our group have experience in One24 and want to help you be successful in every way possible.

The One24 Compensation Plan

The compensation plan is very unique and isn’t really like other MLM’s.  It’s actually a 24-month retirement plan that uses an Incentivized Referral Program to compensate its members.  The plan has 4 income centers, consisting of Green, Silver, Platinum and Gold Income.

Green income is earned as you and the people you refer bring in others that purchase their $60 monthly volume of Natraburst, paid down 12 tiers.

Silver income comes from an 8% pool of total sales evenly divided amongst all Active PCs during their first 4 months. Silver Performance Bonuses come from an additional 8% pool – based on your first through fifth personally referred PC’s, then multiplied by the number of Silvers under you (from spillover) to determine the shares qualified for.

The Platinum Bonus come from a 4% pool of total sales, and is performance based, beginning with your 6th personally sponsored PC through your 12th that have each referred 2 APC’s.

Gold Income: Since you can only bring in one Green PC a month from your waiting list, the Gold Rush allows you to bring in as many people from your waiting list as there are available Green Tickets (tickets that have not been utilized by the 24th of the month). This creates another 12 tiers of income as well as a 10% matching pay for all referrals in the Gold Rush.


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About The One24 Product

Every multi level sort of business has to have a product to make things legal. Some of them can be quite good and NatraBurst is no exception. Basically, it’s a drink mix that has every healthy thing you can imagine in it. Most of the ingredients seem to be brown rice protein and vegetable, herb and fruit concentrates. Then there’s other stuff like probiotics.

It’s a real health nut’s dream. I’m actually really into eating healthy and I can tell you this has got some pretty awesome ingredients. The manufacturer has assured that the ingredients come from the very best quality you can buy. NatraBurst is also manufactured by a GMP certified facility and that basically means it’s being made under the highest level of quality control and testing.

Time’s a Wastin’

While you were sitting here reading this 4 or 5 people have probably gotten on the One24 waiting list ahead of you. But first I want you to go to another page and read something else. I know someone may get ahead of you, but we can only allow the very best, most on fire people to join our group. 

The reason for this is because there are only so many green tickets. People that get excited today and decide not to do it tomorrow will just be in the way. I promise it will be short. The link below will take you to the page I want you to read before joining. So click on it now and see if you qualify.


Click Here To Get In One24 Right Now!